Monday, April 9, 2012

Nightmares for Rent

One of the challenges of living abroad is having to relinquish control of the elements you have left back home.  In our case it is the house that we saved so hard to buy, lovingly refurbished, bought both our boys home from hospital to, and created so many fabulous memories in the 8 years we lived there.  It was with trepidation that we decided to let the property and have a management company look after it for us, but at the time we still wanted the fall-back of a place to return to if moving abroad went horribly wrong. 

For the last few months it has become a source of stress as the tenants have failed to pay, and we have had to chase the management company relentlessly.
We finally decided to serve notice on the tenant, and last weekend they moved out.  The saga does not end there as we hoped it might.  Instead the tenant got angry with  the management guy and refused to hand back the keys until he got his deposit back!

Now I start to wonder where these people come from?? In what world do you not pay rent for 2 months, have 3 cats on a "No Pets" contract, put a cat flap in  PVC door, leave a stain on the carpet, and expect your deposit back????

Rant over!

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