Friday, April 13, 2012

A Highland Fling

So I have finished the tartan skirt a while ago and only now remembered to blog about it.  I am actually really pleased with it and I think it is the first item I have ever made that I have worn out!
I found a great pattern in the old stash of Burda Style magazines I had on subscription in 2004! Its the first time I have used any of their magazine patterns and I noticed just in time that they do not add the seam allowance to their patterns, so out came the handy Seam gauge to add to the pattern trace!  As promised I also made a toile for fitting, but as it turned out no alteration was needed!! That's got to be a first right!

The construction was pretty simple, which is a blessing, as the magazine instructions are fairly basic due to space for text.

Ready for the local Kids Disco
I knew that working with a Tartan was going to be a challenge for lining up and it certainly was more fiddly, but it was worth it and I am pleased with the line on the side seams of the skirt. I didn't pay so much attention to matching the waistband pattern once I had cut it on the bias, so it bugs me a bit when I see the pattern misaligned at the zipper, but everything is a learning experience!

Once it was ready it needed a final tweak as the back hem "kicked out".  I just unpicked 2 inches of hem and tapered the back seam from the base of the zipper to the hem, (almost an inch and half out of the hem) and re hemmed with a machine blind stitch.  I have drawn the adjustment on the pattern pieces but not permanently altered it as I am not convinced yet if the "kick" was down to the pattern or the lack of drape in the is very firm!

I did a 3 stitch zig-zag at the waist band to stop the lining from rolling over, I really like this way of making lining lie flat on a neckline or waist.

I have worn it out for shopping and coffee with the "Girls" and kids but I may go back to it and attach the lining to the waist/skirt sideseam so it doesn't turn itself completely inside out when I step out of it.

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