Thursday, September 4, 2014

Two Years On...

Isn't it funny how at the most stressful times of our lives we reflect back on where we have come from. It was with this in mind that I re-found my blog…I actually had to google it as I couldn't remember which blog provider I had used!!

Reading back over my posts, the last of which was 2 years ago, I was amazed at some of the day to day stories that I had completely forgotten about but remembered like yesterday as I read.

To update those who are interested, we bought a house in Holland and survived 10 weeks of renovations, (only to have the toilet back up and over flow 1 week later), we holidayed in Egypt which was just perfect and I would quite happily return to that resort.  We have experienced family celebrations alongside tragedy which has tested us all.

All my very best Expat friends returned to their respective countries, which left me bereft for quite some time.  My youngest started school and is loved by everyone he comes into contact with, he really is a charmer.  Hubby was approached to apply for a job in Hong Kong, which sent me into a flat spin.  My Father in Law and then Mother in Law came to visit, my parents turned up for a surprise visit to help with Christmas preparations and because they knew I was going through a stressful time.

We have gone through trials and tribulations with school work and reading support, including physio and tutoring. Swim lessons, gym class, football training and recently running.

There have been visits from God-Parents and friends, trips home for weddings and summer holidays.  Day trips with friends to the tulip fields and beaches, nights out with girlfriends and 40th birthday celebrations.  Visits to castles, ship museums, science parks, and presentations by gym class, school music concert, Christmas carols by candlelight, wild animal presentation day, and much much more.

Oh and one more small thing….that job offer….we took it… Welcome to HONG KONG!!