Friday, May 4, 2012

The Spirit Of Ginger

 Recently I have been prompted by the spirit of Ginger to post about the freaky stuff he does, they are numerous!

Today he ate both ends of an Ikea pencil.

While I was busy in the Kitchen he had the TV on.  I invited him into the kitchen to try the offerings from the oven.  It was at this point I noticed his beige T-shirt, his chin and his cheeks has this general grey tinge about them.  This is not unusual, he spends most of his time looking like no one loves him, he is just one of those grubby kids you cannot keep clean (I do try, honest).

As I started picking little unidentified chunks from about his lips and from his tongue, I kept asking him what he had eaten..."Nothing" came the reply several times, even his big brother could shed no light on the matter.

I made my way to the last known sighting of the Ginger One (the Sofa) and found more unidentified chunks and a half chewed Ikea Pencil he had been using to design a Thank You card earlier.  Cut to me speedily Googling lead poisoning, the possible ill effects of eating pencils and the chances of me being found guilty of neglect!  I am pleased to announce there are none and that modern pencils are made from Graphite/Carbon, which in turn means my only admission needs to be on here!

No plans for this weekend, we might go for an all you can eat buffet at the Ikea Showroom!



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