Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whats a girl to do..?

One of the downfalls of being a "stitcher" is that there are so many opportunities to hoard things.

As we are going through the process of moving house...again, this has become very apparent.  We have designated a space in the new house for "Sewing Corner", its not exactly a room but a space on the large landing, and Hubby has consented to specific storage and seems to be engaged in determining where existing pieces might go!  Its an exciting time but does involve quite a few trips to Ikea!

I don't throw out many clothes, because I am convinced I can turn them into something fabulous, whether it is through alteration, customising, upcycling or completely hacking up and using buttons, trims and fabric as patches or binding.

I am often inspired by bloggers about their upcycling projects like this one for boys hats http://www.iammommahearmeroar.net/2010/08/upcycled-boy-hats.html

My favourite inspitation at the moment comes via a shop bought top with a chiffon patterned fabric on the front  and fine knit on the back.  Comfortable to wear, easy to pull on with the stretch from the jersey back.  It is also the perfect opportunity to turn some of my larger "scraps" into beautiful tops.  This is perfect for my hoarded stash if I can just find some old T-shirts that would benefit from a beautiful frontage and they happen to be in the complimentary shades to each other!


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