Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines...

Well I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day, some of us were more successful than others.  I have a friend who received a pink i-phone, others the more traditional red roses and chocolates and a few lucky girls with jewellery.  On the flip side, one friend commented that she might aswell be single, i suspect however that if she were single she would have had far more attention from admirers!
Plenty of friends were inundated with obscure red shapes with sticky collage on them proudly presented by their children as they ran from school gates, myself included.
For my own part, I baked, of course, heart shaped cookies with the kids and a big ol' cream cake to boot!  In return he cleaned the bathroom.  It was born out of necessity but actually was received by me with thanks when I came in from my Dutch language class and sank into a lovely hot bath in very sparkly surroundings!  Its the little things that count.
My favorite valentine moment came from a friend who said her husband gave her "Chocolate Angel Delight in a plastic cup, with a sparkler and 23 years so far". How sweet that the displays of one day pale into insignificance after a lifetime together.

With Love,

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