Friday, June 22, 2012

Jubilee Dress

Hi All,  Long time, no see!  I have been particularly waylaid by the Queen's Jubilee, my own Birthday, a visit from the Mother-in-law, numerous house viewings, extending my running expertise and ultimately buying a house!

So lets start at the top...You may remember the red and white halter dress, well it was just not going to work, halter is not a style I will ever pull off with any sense of dignity.  I removed the top half and cut out the bodice from a Vogue pattern from my stash.

The bodice and skirt waist seams went together surprisingly easily... it must have been fated!  Hubby was very encouraging...he likes me in this style of dress, and suggested I team it with a belt.  I have to admit I did not respond well to his suggestion, it felt a bit like I had laid a beautiful dinner in front of him only for him to tip ketchup all over it.  I stalked back upstairs and after about 5 minutes decided he was probably right and if I could find my blue belt I would have all the necessary colours to attend our friends Jubilee BBQ the next day!  Fortunately I had shoes to match!