Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Infinity And Beyond...

 So today is the annual Teachers birthday at my sons school, they all have a party on the same day to make things easier and I suppose a bit more fun for everyone.
I only discovered this on Monday afternoon, partly due to an insanely busy previous week and partly to not fully understanding the letter in Dutch.  That is becoming fairly standard as last week I sent my son in with an extra piece of fruit as requested (or so I thought) and was informed the school were providing the extra piece of fruit, ooops!

I digress.  I did find out that the teachers tend to have a list that you can pick something from.  Being late to the game, the list was all gone.  Turns out this may have been a blessing as one of my friends had to buy vouchers for facials at the local spa!!!  I decided, not surprisingly to bake cupcakes and make a home made card!

I am sure there are other mums reading this who have experienced the unnerving wave of sweat and nausea as they arrive at the school gate to see enormous, beautifully wrapped offerings. These are carried in by clearly over-burdened children, while parent walks proudly behind on their i-phone, clearly checking out the corner of their eye that every other parent has seen their incredible gift and is gazing in shock and awe at their generosity.

My son was typically undeterred and in his Buzz Lightyear costume ran very excitedly in to the class and plonked his tin foil wrapped, chocolate cupcakes on the table next to the 3 tier cake with sugar craft flowers all over it.  A tiny bit of me died at that point.  That is until School Dad A, whispered into my ear, "Shit, we painted a picture" at which point we were able to find solidarity in rolling our eyes at the vain attempts of over-stretched parents to curry favor with the teachers.

Who knows if I get it right as a School Gate Mum, or if the teachers and other parents snicker behind my back, but I should take a tip from my son's approach...dress boldly, act oblivious to the show boating of others and take pride in the fact I did it all myself and from the heart!

To Infinity and Beyond!!!!


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