Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mission completion,,,,

I have been sorting through the "incomplete" pile today, a task in itself I can tell you!

I have uncovered the following;
2 incomplete boys waistcoats made in anticipation of my sisters wedding in 2010, (we ended up getting one to fit from the hire shop to match the groomsmen).
1 incomplete halterneck summer dress

1 incomplete maxi length evening skirt from...OMG 2003!!!  (This one only got as far as being cut out)
Numerous alterations, hemming, missing buttons.

I left the room feeling quite hopeless.

But I have a plan...
Waistcoats I will probably abandon, no foreseeable use for them, and the boys are getting so big so quick.
Must hem summer halterneck, and as it is a little low cut probably fashion a little extra coverage.
Turn maxi skirt into a retro style dress, this will be the first time I have combined patterns, ie the existing skirt to a Retro bodice.  The skirt is just not something I would wear anymore, but completed as a dress it may just do for any weddings or partys that crop up!

Watch this space!!!

I will probably omit the bow...
I'm not a bow kinda girl!


  1. At least you have a plan. I am giving myself a full year to knit a cardigan for each of the 2 children.
    Paperwork is my enemy.... mountains of backlog tucked out of view in every draw and cupboard

  2. Guilty of the paperwork fault as well. I guess i am not a "completer-finnisher" but it takes all sorts to spin the world!