Monday, July 9, 2012

True Friendship

In March 2011 my best friend asked me and our 3rd Musketeer to be bridesmaids at her up-coming wedding.  So much has happened since then, I have moved to Holland, Musketeer 3 has got engaged herself, the bride to be has bought a new house...the list goes on.

Like many best friends our hectic schedules and the miles between us mean that we do not often get together, and sometimes it can be weeks between a phone call or skype, we are better at text and e-mail to keep us ticking over, but it matters not.

This weekend was the Hen Do. Musketeer 3 and I have been prepping, planning, spreadsheeting & sewing like crazy for the last 8 months, only for it to be scuppered in the last 10 days by cancelled accomodation.  M3 handled it far better than me, I actually screamed when I saw the cancellation e-mail and scared the crap out of my kids!
Frantic calls and first rate negotiation found us a more than suitable alternative and at this point I can honestly say God Bless The Hilton Group, particularly the Nottingham branch!

The 3 of us and the brides mother gathered for our first day of spa treatments and dress fittings which included the most efficient shoe shopping trip I have ever been part of!

Then off we trekked through the floods, to Nottingham for Clay shoots, Private dinners and Champagne tasting as well as the obligatorily dancing to music from our adolescent years!

Stresses and strains of organisation aside, we had an amazing time and it just proves that the quality of a friendship such as ours is not based on the hours spent in each others company (although we would like to increase that a bit) but the absolute ease and loyalty to each other.

Roll on the next 6 weeks when we are together again for the wedding and the beginning of new chapters in our lives as they criss cross each others, and weave the unbreakable fabric of true friendship.