Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting organised...

So as usual any distraction from the numerous unfinished jobs and un-started cleaning is a welcome distraction.  Convinced that I needed more order in my sewing room and eldest boys room, i hot footed it to Ikea with my car owning friend (flat pack is not a good look on a bakfiets). We only just got it all in the boot and did have to get the kids to sit with their knees round their ears, but we got it all home and I am proud to say that I have assembled every last bolt and dowel myself on two draw units, a kids craft table and four chairs!!

Now that one of said drawer units is in the sewing room, and the myriad of sewing paraphernalia is spread about the room waiting to be re-homed, i thought it was a good time to avoid the actual act of tidying and blog about the potential of it instead.

Not only have I abandoned the sort-out to blog, but I abandoned my Dutch language studies to construct the unit.  I am a hopeless, easily distracted kinda girl...with no homework to hand in!  Can a 32 year old woman get away with "the dog ate it"?

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